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The Social Goat Bed and Breakfast is located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia

The Social Goat Bed and Breakfast is located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia and is in the community surrounding the oldest city park, Grant Park. The park was established in 1882 when Lemuel P. Grant gave the city of Atlanta 100 acres and the city acquired an additional 44 acres to create a park for its citizens and eventually developing Atlanta's largest historic neighborhood. 

Social Goat Life
Our Inn was originally built in 1900 as a Queen Anne Victorian to accommodate 13 children.

Once a working farm and homestead, the house was located on a large piece of property that eventually was sold to make way for suburban building. This property is now 3/4 of an acre and once again has a miniature barnyard.  

When we began the Social goat, our original residents included two nigerian dwarf goats named "Sherman"(passed away 6/13) and "Tallulah".

We then added 12 chickens via the post office, one of which was "Fabio the Rooster". A friend helped us add three Black Spanish Turkeys named "The Three Tenors". We now have added to our menagerie, two daughters of Tallulah named "Daisy" and "Olive"(passed away 5/14). We also have triplet black goats, "Maverick" with the white "V" on his side, "Angus" with the white "C", and "Minnie Pearl" with her white price tag above her eye. Our rescue indoor and outdoor cats are named "Monkey, Leon, Tanuki, and of course, Batman"

We are 10 miles from the airport and located within one mile of the major interstates. 

Atlanta has great things to offer and many attractions within less than 5 miles from our Inn. 

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